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Our story 

Circular Independence is an environmentally friendly brand which aims to produce garments using as few raw materials as possible and replacing them with plastic. In this way, we reduce energy consumption along with pollution, bringing new life to plastic.

 With a rising concern for the amount of plastic in our oceans, we collect water bottles from Greek seas and landfills. From these we create circular fashion.

 We are doing our bit by choosing to create fabric from recycled plastic bottles rather than using oil. This not only saves the plastic from ending up in oceans and landfills, it saves oil from being used and also uses less energy when processing it into fabric.

 Our fabric is created from recycled plastic bottles which have been collected from the Greek islands and coastal areas using a special process which transforms them into fabric (RPET) and, in addition, this fabric can be recycled again at any time.

 In 2019 we collected 12 tons of plastic bottles in order to give them life again. The sunglasses were our first product from this recycling and this year will be our first collection of unisex clothes.

 How this happens:

 Plastic bottles are collected for recycling. Caps are removed and bottles are sorted by color.  After this, the bottles are cleaned and sterilized to remove any nasties. The plastic is dried and shredded into small flakes.

Then, the flakes are melted and extruded (squeezed) into yarn and the yarn is spun into thread.

 Learn everything about our unique barcode.

 This unique barcode is our identity. It is this image we want you to remember and, in this way, get to know our story; the journey each of our articles of clothing takes until each one reaches your closet.

 This unique barcode guides you to the world of circular economy.