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Doing what is "ethically right" both in our behavior and in the way we choose to dress was one of our first thoughts behind the creation of Circular Independence. We wanted to help change the future of the planet by doing this. So, the brand was created and today it is officially in your wardrobe; Circular Independence. We created an eco-friendly line of clothing from recycled bottles collected from Greek beaches without sacrificing quality. These unisex pieces will help you create an eco-friendly wardrobe with fewer and more sustainable garments. When designing this collection, we imagined a common wardrobe in a bedroom or a shared suitcase on a road trip and smiling faces because their purchases will have started them on the road to participating in a more sustainable society.

White, pink, grey and black - the basic color palette of our collection. The pink of the almond blossoms is a calming color that creates a sense of balance. More specifically, our inspiration was the almond blossoms in Veroia, Imathia. The white of the houses on our islands we have associated with the feeling of freedom. Black adds to the unisex nature of the clothes and, by mixing it with white, we created a subtle, contemporary shade of grey. This color palette is the definition of the ultimate unisex clothing line, our Circular Independence Collection.

The unique barcode on every garment is our identity; the image that one will have in one's mind on hearing the words Circular Independence or circular economy. Through this barcode we understand the history, the journey that each piece has made until it reaches your wardrobe. This distinctive barcode of Circular Independence is the first step on your journey into the world of circular economy. Welcome to the Future Remade. Let’s make it… CIRCULAR!